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Clearfield Bison Football Team, 2007
Front: David Ryan, Richard Queen, Ryan Lippert, Toby Young, Curtis Conrad, Gary Hoover
Middle: Jarrin Campman, Isiah Morgan, Lee Zalno, Justin Karp, Vince Pannebianco
Back: Cruise Kerr, Nick Redden, Casey Hoffman, Todd Hryn, Nate Greenland, Drew Hipps
Returning Lettermen, 2007
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2007 Feature Pages ~

Back:Coach Glunt,D. Danver,D. Morgan,T. Campman,L. Toy,A. Buck,D. Coll,S. McKenrick,S. Ricketts,
J. Brolin,R. Higgins, Coach Putt
Row 4:Coach Domico,J. Barbieri,N. Quick ,A. Angstadt,Z. Stephens,P. Herrington,R. Foust,N. Morris,
J. Bowman,J. Davis,B. Dixon,N. Redden,Coach Tom Janocko
Row 3:Coach Campman,J. Campman,T. St.Clair,J. Smith,B. Sass,I. Morgan,C. Bookhamer,S. Nishida,J. Rippey,
T. Wilson,C. Kerr,Coach Panebianco
Row 2:Water Boy,R. Lippert,T. Hryn,T. Danver,T. Davis,R. Queen,D. Ryan,C. Hoffman,J. Fox,Water Boy
Front: Trevor Kephart,L. Zalno,N. Greenland,D. Hipps,V. Panebianco - Coach Janocko - T. Young,C. Conrad,
G. Hoover,J. Karp, Coach Love
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During the 2007 Regular Season the Bison achieved a 7 win - 3 loss record
before losing to Saint Marys High in the PIAA d9 AAA Championship.
While the Bison had defeated  the Dutch 28-13 in week eight, the tables were turned in the
Championship, the Bisons falling 30-14 and completing their campaign at 7-4.