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Returning Lettermen, 2006
Clearfield Bison Football Team, 2006
Front: Will Bacharach, Jacob Riglin, Tyler Kirkwood, Justin Karp, John Bowman
Back: Doug Kephart, Adam Jury, Andrew Janocko, Scott Heichel, Mike Mc Dermott
2006 Feature Pages ~

Back: N. Quick,C.Bookhamer - Coaches~Glunt,Panebianco,Kephart,Quick,Love,Putt,Campman,Tom Janocko -
J. Janocko,R. Lippert,S. Nishida
Row 3:R. Foust,J. Barbieri,P. Herrington,S. Flanagan,Z. Stephens,A. Angstadt,T.Wilson,C. Kerr,J. Rippey,N. Redden,
B. Sass,T. St.Clair,J. Smallwood,I.Morgan,R. Queen
Row 2:D. Welker,T. Danver,L. Zalno,D. Hipps,T. Young,C. Conrad,J. Karp,J. Campman,N. Greenland,D. Ryan,B. Sellers,
V. Panebianco,T. Hryn,G. Hoover,C. Hoffman,T. Davis,J. Fox
Front:J. Bowman,S. Heichel,J. Riglin,D. Kephart,W. Bacharach,K. Kline,A. Jury - Coach Janocko - A. Janocko,T. Kirkwood,
M.McDermott,C. Fye,J. Hinchcliffe,A. Moore
During the 2006 Regular Season the Bison achieved a 7 win - 3 loss record
before losing to Bradford High in the PIAA d9 AAA Championship.
Bradford had defeated the Bison 56-35 in week one, while in the Championship the margin
was much closer ( 37-30, 2 Overtimes ) with the Bisons ending their campaign at 7-4.