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Bison Football Players in Division 1 College and beyond ~
Got an e-mail from Christian Lezzer (CHS, '14) a while back. He is preparing a list of C.H.S. Football players
who extended their gridiron careers and and are playing or played Division 1 College Football or beyond.
Christian freely admits that the following list is likely incomplete and is seeking help in filling the gaps. While
eager to help, we explained that his list seemed as complete as any that we could come up with we and decided
to open up the "suggestion box" to the followers of clearfieldfootball.org.

The list is arranged alphabetically. Players are included solely on the basis of having been recruited or having
walked-on to a Division 1 program, not their long-term accomplishments once there.

Once we have an idea that this list is fairly accurate and complete we hope to expand it to include Divisions 2 & 3.
Here to get started is the Division 1 list:
Please don't hesitate to send us your additions, suggestions and corrections.  (see below)
Greg Beish - University of Miama (FL) - C.H.S. 1969

Lynn Blowers - USAFA (Air Force) - C.H.S. 1966

Carl Brown - Millersville - C.H.S. 1968 (NFL - 1974 Baltimore Colts Training Camp/waived before season)

Wes Dahlem - Penn State - C.H.S. 1995

Eugene Duck - University of Nevada -
C.H.S. 1955

Seth Ford - Penn State - C.H.S. 2014

John Gill - North Carolina State  - C.H.S. 1956

Joe Henry - USMA (Army) - C.H.S. 1944

Parker Herrington - USAFA (Air Force) - C.H.S. 2009

Justin Ingram - Penn State

Jeremy Irwin - Temple University

Andrew Janocko - University of Pittsburgh (NFL - Vikings/Buccaneers [Coaching Staff] ) - C.H.S. 2007

Vic Jones - Indiana University Hoosiers (NFL - St. Louis (now Arizona) Cardinals/Denver Broncos) See also
             - C.H.S. 1956

Drew Jordan - New Mexico State - C.H.S. 1969

Hunter Keith - Marist College - C.H.S. 2014

Chad Kroell - Penn State - C.H.S. 1995

Josh Kroell - Penn State

Dale Kuhns - USMA (Army) - also - C.H.S. 1958

Adam Lansberry - Penn State

Dean Learish - USMA (Army) - C.H.S. 1958

Charlie Leggs - no college - Baltimore Colts - training camp/preseason

Christian Lezzer - University of Central Florida/Boston College - C.H.S. 2014

Ryan Lezzer - Western Michigan - C.H.S. 2017

Carl Marrara - North Dakota State - C.H.S. 1967

Pete Marino - Rutgers - C.H.S. 1965

Bill Miller - University of Pennsylvania (NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers/Chicago Bears)

Pete Miller - University of Pennsylvania

Robert Mollica - University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Redden - Saint Francis (PA) University

Nick Redden - Duquesne University

Isaac Rumery - Penn State - C.H.S. 2019

Eric Sellers - University of Pittsburgh - C.H.S. 2015

Bill Shepherd - Western Maryland (NFL - Detroit Lions/Boston [Washington] Redskins)

Harold Short - University of Louisville - C.H.S. 1964

Bob Sunderland - USNA (Navy) - C.H.S. 1984

Stu Wiggins - Penn State - C.H.S. 1953
Please contact me or Christian with any additions or corrections.  Thanks,

If you contact me using this option be sure to fill in the "subject" line or it may go to my spam folder

You may contact Christian directly at christianlezzer@lezzer.com
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As we get around to it the links that you see for some of the players will be extended to others. Anyone with
information about any of the listed players is encouraged to send that to us as well.
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From d9 to D1: Christian Lezzer, from Clearfield to BC to UCF