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Each week, Rich Murawski from The Progress and four gentlemen from d9Sports make their predictions
on the outcome of that Friday's local Football games. With, of course, varying degrees of prescience. And,
naturally, here we're only interested in the games of our Clearfield Bison.

Both charts show what the actual score of each game was versus the predictions. In the top chart, the
percentile figure is the amount of points that the Bison scored out of the total game score. And the percent
that each expert predicted. For instance, in the first game of the season Clearfield posted 28 out of a total
of 31 points scored or 90.3% while the predictions varied from 57.1% to 71.4%. Five experts times eight
games equals forty total predictions and in only one instance ("Close" from d9Sports for the Huntingdon
game, . . . he wasn't even "close") was the predicted outcome totally wrong. With the exception of the very
high-scoring Penns Valley game the experts have fairly consistently predicted that Bison would do less well
than they actually did. Obiously, PV's unexpectedly spirited showing skewed those results.
The bottom chart shows those same scores of each game versus the predictions but in this case the compar-
isons are based on point margins, a more traditional basis. Again, with the exception of the very high-scoring
Penns Valley game, this chart also shows that the experts pretty regularly predict that the Bison would not
do as well as they actually did.  For example, compare the Bison's performance in the six games since.
They've outscored the competition by 182 points while the aggregate average prediction of the five experts
totals only 69.4 points. To be fair, these gentlemen concern themselves with about a dozen games each week
while we're concentrating on just the one. The outcome at B.E.A. though is especially glaring; a 35-point
margin versus the
7-point win predicted by the experts.