2009 Clearfield Bison Football Team
2009  Clearfield Bison Returning Letterwinners
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During the 2009 Regular Season the Bison achieved an 7 win - 3 loss record before
losing to Punxsutawney 34-28 in the d9 AAA Finals, for a final record of 7-4
2009 Feature Pages ~
Back:G. Ford,C. Kubala,T. Woomer,Coach Glunt,Tom Janocko,Domico,Campman.Putt,Trainer Hough,
E. White,R. Myers,L. Munshower
Row 3:M. Rowles,B. Jordan,G. Timko,J. Hassinger,E. Hill,K. Hepfer,A. Weaver,C. Frye,S. Smith,C. Knepp,
B. Swales,R. Hogue,R. Hertlein
Row 2: Z. Fannin,D. Hoover,A. Redden, J. Mellgard,B. Hogue,R. Butler,B. Aughenbaugh,D. Morgan,D. Danver,S. Lord,
C. Hill,C. Owens,K. Smith,S. Harper,J. Minnicucci
Front: J. Davis,L. Toy,R. Renaud,D. Kemp,A. Buck - Coach Tim Janocko - D. Coll,T. Campman,S. McKenrick,C. Zurat,B. Dixon
Back: Derek Morgan, Curtis Frye, Daniel Coll, Brady Dixon, Andre Buck, Trey Campman
Front: Khorey Smith, Lance Toy, Brandon Hogue, John Mellgard, Derek Danver