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The Bison vs. The Competition ~
The Bison have played dozens ( 83, by my count ) of different opponents over the last century and during that time some of
those schools have grown larger, others have gotten smaller, and still others have consolidated. Those changes have resulted
in changes in our football schedule as well. 

In the very early years, 1904-1911, we played, and lost to, DuBois nine times ( in eight years ) and our only other games
during that time were against Houtzdale (first ever win, 50-0), Curwensville (2W), Philipsburg (1-1), Altoona (1L) and we
even held the Peterson Business School (whoever they were) to a naught-naught tie.  While we never had another chance
at Peterson and only met Houtzdale once more, even then a pattern in the schedule was starting to appear.  Of the several
teams that we played in those nascent years, the DuBois Beavers and the P-O Mounties are tied for most frequent foe at
112 games, and Curwensville has played 87 dates. Others to have regularly filled the dance card, though they came along a
bit later, are State College (First meeting 1912, 55 games), Lock Haven/Central Mountain (1913, 63), Bellefonte (1913, 60),
Punxsutawney (1924, 91), Tyrone (1925, 69), Saint Marys (1938, 45) and Bald Eagle (1964, 46).

What I've done in the first set of charts below is to document the Bison's fortunes against twenty-eight different squads
that we have played the most regularly over the years and to prepare a comparison of wins and losses during that entire
period as compared to the modern ( post 1985, Coach Janocko's reign ) era against most of the same teams.

While I say above that we have played Du Bois 112 times that is actually the number of games that we played Du Bois,
Reynoldsville and Sykesville, all of which would become Du Bois Area. And the same is true of Philipsburg - it includes
Philipsburg and Osceola and Philipsburg-Osceola. A similar situation occurs with Mifflin County and Central Mountain
and their predecessor schools. The second set of charts reflect how we fared against all of the individual schools and the
jointures that followed them and also the teams that we faced infrequently or even only once.

These statistics were gleaned from Coach Albright's exhaustive study of Bison Football records over the years and which
are reproduced in their entirety back on the main
HISTORY page.  
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The " Usual Suspects " - The Twenty-Eight Teams that the Bison have faced the most often over the years . . .
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