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Front: David Ryan, Richard Queen, Ryan Lippert, Toby Young, Curtis Conrad, Gary Hoover
Middle: Jarrin Campman, Isiah Morgan, Lee Zalno, Justin Karp, Vince Pannebianco
Back: Cruise Kerr, Nick Redden, Casey Hoffman, Todd Hryn, Nate Greenland, Drew Hipps
Group Pictures ~ 2006 - 2012

Front: Will Bacharach, Jacob Riglin, Tyler Kirkwood, Justin Karp, John Bowman
Back: Doug Kephart, Adam Jury, Andrew Janocko, Scott Heichel, Mike Mc Dermott

Front: Trey Campman, Isiah Morgan, Zach Stephens, Josh Rippey, Corey Bookhamer, Derek Danver
Back: Alex Angstadt, Brandon Sass, Andre Buck, Cruise Kerr, Nick Redden, Parker Herrington,
Derek Morgan, Jarrin Campman

Clearfield Bison
Football Team ~

Clearfield Bison
Letterwinners ~

Bison Returning Letterwinners ~
Back: Derek Morgan, Curtis Frye, Daniel Coll, Brady Dixon, Andre Buck, Trey Campman
Front: Khorey Smith, Lance Toy, Brandon Hogue, John Mellgard, Derek Danver
2010 Clearfield Bison Football Team ~
Back Row:Coach Dan Putt, Coach Forrest Campman, Coach Ricky Martini, Coach Dave Domico, Coach Nate Glunt,
Coach Tom Janocko, Trainer JulieHough.
4th Row:Ben Panebianco, Christian Lezzer, Eric White, Corey Stiver, Vince Owens, Johnathan Bush,
Jonathan McCreadie, Jonathan Janocko.
3rd Row:Elliot Hill, Rico Longoria, Mike Trude, Shane Lord, Dylan Graham, Tyler Woomer, Seth Beardsley,
Trey Jordan, Jacob Verchick
2nd Row:Steven Smith, Macayah Rowles, Gabe Ford, Curtis Frye, Jordan Lancaster, Coleman Kubala, Robert Myers,
Ryan Hogue, Beau Swales, Jake Puzzuto and Corey Knepp.
Front Row:Jack Mellgard, Derek Danver, David Hoover, Ryan Butler, Brad Aughenbaugh, Zach Fannin,
Brandon Hogue, Coach Tim Janocko, Andrew Redden, Derek Morgan, Shane Harper, Khorey Smith,
John Municucci, Shane Lord, Cliff Hill.

Back ~ Brad Aughenbaugh, Curtis Frye, Beau Swales, David Hoover, Derek Morgan, Cliff Hill, Derek Danver, Shane Lord
Front ~ Corey Knepp, Ryan Butler, Brandon Hogue, Khorey Smith, Shane Harper, Robert Myers
Row 2:D. Welker,T. Danver,L. Zalno,D. Hipps,T. Young,C. Conrad,J. Karp,J. Campman,N. Greenland,D. Ryan,B. Sellers,
V. Panebianco,T. Hryn,G. Hoover,C. Hoffman,T. Davis,J. Fox
Front:J. Bowman,S. Heichel,J. Riglin,D. Kephart,W. Bacharach,K. Kline,A. Jury - Coach Janocko - A. Janocko,T. Kirkwood,
M.McDermott,C. Fye,J. Hinchcliffe,A. Moore
clearfieldfootball.org  has been covering the Bison since the 2006 season.
Here are captioned team and letterwinner group photos for that entire period.
Back:Coach Glunt,D. Danver,D. Morgan,T. Campman,L. Toy,A. Buck,D. Coll,S. McKenrick,S. Ricketts,
J. Brolin,R. Higgins, Coach Putt
Row 4:Coach Domico,J. Barbieri,N. Quick ,A. Angstadt,Z. Stephens,P. Herrington,R. Foust,N. Morris,
J. Bowman,J. Davis,B. Dixon,N. Redden,Coach Tom Janocko
Row 3:Coach Campman,J. Campman,T. St.Clair,J. Smith,B. Sass,I. Morgan,C. Bookhamer,S. Nishida,J. Rippey,
T. Wilson,C. Kerr,Coach Panebianco
Row 2:Water Boy,R. Lippert,T. Hryn,T. Danver,T. Davis,R. Queen,D. Ryan,C. Hoffman,J. Fox,Water Boy
Front: Trevor Kephart,L. Zalno,N. Greenland,D. Hipps,V. Panebianco - Coach Janocko - T. Young,C. Conrad,
G. Hoover,J. Karp, Coach Love
Back:Coach Glunt,Trainer Kephart,Coaches ~ Campman,Putt, Tom Janocko, Domico
Row 5:R. Butler,J. Cooper,B. Aughenbaugh,S. Lord,C. Hill,K. Rougeux,J. Heuby,J. Minnicucci,D. Danver,N. Morris,T. Campman
Row 4:D. Hoover,D. Kemp,D. Morgan,J. Millgard,C. Owens,S. Harper,K. Smith,B. Hogue,A. Redden,C. Frye
Row 3: A. Buck,D. Coll, B. DixonL.Toy,J. Davis,J. Hardy,S. McKenrick,C. Zurat,R. Higgins
Row 2:B. Sass,J. Campman,J. Barbieri,P. Herrington,A. Angstadt,Z. Stephens,N. Quick,S. Ricketts
Front: S. Nishida,C. Bookhamer,R. Foust,N. Redden - Coach Tim Janocko - I. Morgan,C. Kerr,J. Rippey,T. Wilson
Clearfield Bison
Letterwinners ~

Clearfield Bison
Football Team ~

Clearfield Bison
Letterwinners ~

Clearfield Bison
Letterwinners ~

Back:G. Ford,C. Kubala,T. Woomer,Coach Glunt,Tom Janocko,Domico,Campman.Putt,Trainer Hough,
E. White,R. Myers,L. Munshower
Row 3:M. Rowles,B. Jordan,G. Timko,J. Hassinger,E. Hill,K. Hepfer,A. Weaver,C. Frye,S. Smith,C. Knepp,
B. Swales,R. Hogue,R. Hertlein
Row 2: Z. Fannin,D. Hoover,A. Redden, J. Mellgard,B. Hogue,R. Butler,B. Aughenbaugh,D. Morgan,D. Danver,S. Lord,
C. Hill,C. Owens,K. Smith,S. Harper,J. Minnicucci
Front: J. Davis,L. Toy,R. Renaud,D. Kemp,A. Buck - Coach Tim Janocko - D. Coll,T. Campman,S. McKenrick,C. Zurat,B. Dixon
These captions were developed by cross referencing from the picture to that season's roster and matching up each player's
jersey number. Of course, there's every possibility that I have made some mistakes in doing so. If anyone spots an error,
please contact us so that it can be corrected. Thanks,
Back: N. Quick,C.Bookhamer - Coaches~Glunt,Panebianco,Kephart,Quick,Love,Putt,Campman,Tom Janocko -
J. Janocko,R. Lippert,S. Nishida
Row 3:R. Foust,J. Barbieri,P. Herrington,S. Flanagan,Z. Stephens,A. Angstadt,T.Wilson,C. Kerr,J. Rippey,N. Redden,
B. Sass,T. St.Clair,J. Smallwood,I.Morgan,R. Queen

2011 Clearfield Bison Football Team ~
Back Row: Coaches Tom Janocko, Dan Putt, Forrest Campman, Nate Glunt, Dave Domico, Trainer JulieHough
3rd Row: Spencer Herrington, Brian Knepp, Mark Clark, Michael Beck , Ryan Lingle, Jonathan Janocko, Devin Sinclair,
Hunter Keith, Jacob Verchik, Jonas Kochan, Christian Lezzer
2nd Row: Shawn Lord, Ty Woomer, Seth Beardsley, Dylan Graham, Michael Trude, Trey Jordan, Ben Panebianco, Rico Longoria,
Vince Owens, Corey Stiver, Johnathan Bush, Tyler Stratton, Wyatt Flanagan

Front Row: Gabe Ford, Ryan Hertlein, Jordan Lancaster, Steven Smith, Macayah Rowles,Coleman Kubala, Curtis Frye,
Coach Tim Janocko, Beau Swales, John Seyler, Garrett Timko, Jake Puzzuto, Corey Knepp, Eric White, Robert Myers

Bison Returning Letterwinners ~
Back: Jonathan Janocko, Jacob Verchik, Beau Swales, Corey Knepp, Eric White, Steven Smith, Robert Myers
Front: Dylan Graham, Coleman Kubala, Curtis Frye, Gabe Ford, Macayah Rowles, Jordan Lancaster, Christian Lezzer
2012 Clearfield Bison Football Team ~
Back Row: Coach Panebianco, Thorpe, Wingate, Maines, Kovalick, Hefferan, Lansberry,Janocko, Stratton, Rosa,Climie,Craft,Rougeux,Mignot,Williams, Sellers,Herrington
Back: Mike Trude, Wyatt Flanagan, Jake Verchik, Shawn Lord, Ty Woomer, Seth Beardsley, Jon Janocko, Hunter Keith, Trey Jordan 
Front: Jonas Kochan, Seth Ford, Tyler Stratton, Spencer Herrington, Dylan Graham, Christian Lezzer, Ben Panebianco,
Vince Owens, Corey Stiver
2012  Clearfield Bison Returning Letterwinners ~
Row 2: Trainer Sam Morgan,Coach Tom Janocko, Wilsoncroft, Lingle, Daub,Price,Ford, Lezzer,
Verchick, Rowles, Beck, Knepp,Keith, Flanagan,Kochan,
Front Row: Coaches Domico & Glunt, Jordan, Trude, Lord, Woomer,Coach Tim Janocko, Graham, Beardsley,
Owens, Stiver, Panebianco, Coaches Campman & Putt