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Pre-game picks from Tyrone Herald
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2008 Bison Game Score Trivia:
Week  1 - Clearfield Loses to Du Bois, Score
35 - 28
Weeks  2 , 3 & 4 - Three Victories : Clearfield Scores
35 Points in all Three Games
Sept. 19th: Tyrone's Regular-season win streak Snapped at
From Thursday's (9/18/08) Edition -

" This week, our guest picker is Eleanor Feltenberger. Eleanor has been a guest panelist for several years and is always right on the money with her selections, getting nearly 80 percent over the years. Good luck Eleanor!
Tyrone at Clearfield: Clearfield has been scoring points at a breakneck pace over the past couple years, and giving up a bunch as well, so you might expect a high-scoring offensive showdown at the Bison Sports Complex on Friday night.

However, when you take into account what the Tyrone defense has been doing to everybody this year, Clearfield could be in deep doodo.

The double-headed running-passing attack of the Golden Eagles, could put a damper on the local fans enthusiasm quickly. It might be a high-scoring game on one side of the scoreboard, but that isnít going to be good for Clearfield.

The picks: Miller Tyrone 33-14, Kerry Webster Tyrone 28-21, Kerry Naylor Tyrone 17-10, Jim Cushion Tyrone 33-14, Christina Pryor Tyrone 35-7, Eleanor Feltenberger Tyrone 14-13."

(  Emphasis added by cfb.org )
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