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Two Rings . . .
For quite a while now we've featured the picture below which shows the rings presented to the 2012 Team
Seniors in honor of their undefeated season and  that all of these fellows have two . . . one from the recently
completed season and another from two years prior; the stellar 13-1 season when our only loss was to eventual
State Champ Allentown Central Catholic.
Now, courtesy of Mrs. Janocko ( and the Wingates ) we've been sent another picture which shows a pair of
rings presented to the same family: father Chris Wingate's from the 1994 team and son Jake Wingate's
( CHS, '16 ) from 2012.
It is believed that this is the first time in Coach Janocko's career that a father and son were both members of
one of his Undefeated seasons.
( Actually, this is probably the first time in CHS history that this has happened, but like always,
we'd be eager to hear of any evidence to the contrary.)

The 1994 season brought Coach Janocko his first undefeated team ( others came in '98, '04, '10 & '12 ) and
was the first for C.H.S. since Coach Marty Koons' storied 1955 campaign.

Given that Jake will only be a sophomore this fall and that it doesn't look like Coach Janocko is going
anywhere, let's assume for now that they may both be looking at more rings in the next few years.
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"Undefeated" Rings . . .
2012 Undefeated Rings
WingateRings (600 x 400)