Former Clearfield Bison Pat Mc Dermott has authored a new website which fills in a lot of the gaps
that we've long had here at  Several years back we added a lot of stats
that were the result of Coach Kris Albright's work and research and which resulted in the various
charts and lists of the fortunes of Clearfield Bison Football Teams on our History Pages.

Now with Pat's research he has chronicled individual player records back to 1937.
Like itself, it is an ongoing project and will continue
to be updated as more information is unearthed, so check back often.

I'll quit trying to explain it any further and let you go now and see it for yourself at:

And if you're as pleased and astounded as I am, drop Pat a note of thanks at

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and is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Clearfield Area School District

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