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A Progress article as well as gantdaily & Lewistown Sentinel articles reporting on the last ever Indian Valley Girls' Basketball
game ( Feb. 16, 2011 ) all referred to the consolidation of the Indian Valley and Lewistown High Schools that was coming at the
end of that school year.
The new school came to be known as "Mifflin County High School" with the Husky as the mascot and
Purple, Black and Silver for Team Colors.
Their athletic teams now (2020) seem to compete in a largely "Harrisburg Centric"
sphere and the only football game MVHS  ever played against the
Bison ( 2011 - 20-7 Bison Win ) would have already been on
that year's schedule. Playing the one combined M.V. squad rather than both L.H.S. and I.V. as in the past is how Clearfield
ended up playing Hamburg H.S. that season. Lady Bison Soccer & Volleyball played MVHS once each in fall 2011, Softball
once in spring 2012, and LB Basketball never. The combined enrollment of the new MVHS bumped them up one spot in the
PIAA Classifications.

This consolidation of Lewistown and Indian Valley is just the latest chapter in an interesting and somewhat confusing story
of the high schools of the Mifflin County School District :

In 1971, the Mifflin County School District set about merging the four high schools in the county into one.
Lewistown-Granville, Rothrock, Chief Logan , and Kishacoquillas would become PENN HIGHLANDS High School. Actually
about half the student body of the newly formed school attended Chief Logan, while the remainder were at another facility
as they all waited for completion of the new Penn Highlands building in downtown Lewistown.

PENN HIGHLANDS lasted three academic years, and was disbanded as the result of a lawsuit against the district, among
other reasons, before they ever had a chance to move into their new facility.  After that, Lewistown absorbed Rothrock and
became LEWISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, while at the same time, following the '75-'76 school year, CHIEF LOGAN HIGH
(in Highland Park) and KISHACOQUILLAS  HIGH (Reedsville) were restored as separate entities at their original locations.

Since the new Penn Highlands building was almost completed, the school district moved the students of the now combined
Lewistown-Granville High / Rothrock High into the new building which was then renamed Lewistown Area High School.
This is the building where Lady Bison Basketball played Lewistown High on January 15th, 2011.  It is just a stone's throw
from downtown Lewistown's Mitchell Field where our Bison Football team had played many times.

In 1989, the Chief Logan and Kishacoquillas High Schools were combined to create INDIAN VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL,
located at the former Chief Logan High School in Highland Park. That is the building in which that last I.V. game referred
to above (2/16/11) was played.  The former "Kish" High School in Reedsville is currently the Indian Valley Middle School.
That school's softball field is where our standout 10-11 All-Star Teams played on their way to bigger things in 2016 & 2017.

The newest Mifflin County High School occupies a new building constructed on the hill just above the old Indian Valley
High School in Highland Park. I think that the initial intention was for this new building to house only the I.V. contingent
but that idea was later shelved and the L.H.S. population was added to the equation. Various facilities throughout the district,
including the old(ish) Lewistown High bulding, were put to other uses while several were closed. The new school's football
games continue to be played at Mitchell Field, though I once thought (mistakenly, it turns out) that a new facility was to be
constructed adjacent to the new school.

One interesting sidelight to all of this is that way back during the merger of the early 70's the Indian Valley folks were
rightly expecting to move into a new facility, albeit shared with the Lewistown contingent, but instead remained in the
Highland Park building which dated from 1959.  This time around they had hoped to soon occupy a brand new school of
their own, only to later find out that they'd be sharing it with Lewistown.

This information was gleaned from an article in wikipedia and from comments from the Sentinel's Jeff Fishbein on
Rod Frisco's Blog - rodfrisco.com
A Brief History of  Indian Valley and Lewistown High Schools
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