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The Progress was kind enough to print the article below in a recent edition ~

As it points out, Season Passes are now available at CHS for Winter Sports.
With the pass there will be admittance to around forty events through the
Winter Season; Girls'& Boys' Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming and Diving.
Of all of those events, if you only attend ten , you have paid for your pass.
Attend any more and they are essentially free. It's a good deal.

But, I'd like to add something else about Bison Athletics Admissions.
Even if you don't opt to purchase the Season Pass, Bison Athletics are
a bargain. From Bison Football in the crispy fall to other sports in the
dead of Winter, Clearfield single event admissions are three dollars.
As long ago as 2006 I attended away football games where they
charged five dollars. Many schools are now charging the same, $5.00,
for girls' basketball, while others are at $4.00. I'm not going to single-out
and name individual schools; what they charge is their business.

But for your High School Sports Buck you don't get more bang than
at Clearfield. If you happen to run into a C.A.S.D. board member or
administrator you might want to mention this and thank them.
Bison Athletics Winter Season Pass ~