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2011 Bison Football Awards Dinner ~
Pee Wee Perseverance Award - Gabe Ford
The 2011 Bison Football Awards Dinner was held January 11th, 2012, beginning with a fine meal
prepared by Chef Kavelak and concluding with the presentation of the following awards ~
Outstanding Receiver - Christian Lezzer
Outstanding Defensive Back - Dylan Graham
Outstanding Linebackers
Robbie Myers & Tyler Stratton
Outstanding Running Back - Beau Swales
Outstanding Offensive Linemen -
Corey Knepp & Hunter Keith
Outstanding Defensive Lineman - Ryan Hertlein
Spirit Award - Garrett Timko
Offensive Scout Team Award -
Tyler Woomer, Ben Panebianco, Seth Beardsley & Shawn Lord
Defensive Scout Team Award -
Vince Owens & Brian Knepp
Special Teams Award - Coleman Kubala
Most Improved - Trey Jordan, Jonathan Janocko, Jacob Verchick
Coach Robert Love Award - Eric White
Carl Falvo Scholarship - Curtis Frye
C. Alan Walker Award - Robbie Myers
Most Valuable Players - Curtis Frye & Beau Swales
The Presenters -
Coaches: Tim Janocko       Forrest Campman            Nate Glunt             David Domico                Dan Putt
                                                  Tom Janocko            Robert Love          AD Robert Gearhart