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24-21 Win over Brashear, 11-14-08 - Page 2
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"Cheap Seats" on the Mc Ardle Roadway
Reinforcements arrive at the west end of the stadium for the final push . .
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Du Bois Courier-Express/Tri-County Sunday -
" IT’S OURS — Clearfield’s Brandon Sass, with football, and Robert Foust (78) look at an official and point in their direction after Sass recovered a fumble late in the fourth quarter Friday against Brashear. Bison Derek Danver (24) created the fumble when he knocked the ball out of the hand of Bulls’ QB Henri Chatman from behind. The turnover, which came in the final two minutes, allowed Clearfield to pick up a first down and run out the clock in a 24-21 victory. "

From The Courier-Express/Tri-County Sunday

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